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New Hope Solebury Cares works hand in hand with youth to create a safer and healthier New Hope-Solebury for our youth.




Teen Organization Developing Active Youth

TODAY is a group for local middle and high school youth, who are interested in organizing events, gaining leadership experience/training, attending conferences, fundraising, mentoring, career development, photography, videography, acting, graphic design, or applying their special skills to help the New Hope-Solebury community to become a safer and healthier place for youth. Join us to make a difference in your community! 



Other Ways to Get Involved

Volunteering, Partnering, Writing, Etc.

Volunteer jobs

NHSC is seeking high school students to fill various volunteer positions within our team. You can apply your special skills and talents or gain experience in a field of interest, while giving back to your community. These jobs include everything from administrative assistant positions, graphic designing, photography, community partnership building, and more.

Write an article or blog for nhsc

We are looking for high schoolers to write articles and blogs for NHSC. Use your creativity and writing skills to discuss issues that youth are facing, to promote healthy decision making, to touch on how substance use and abuse impact our community, to talk about mental health, and more. 


Become a community partnership builder

NHSC is seeking middle and high school aged youth to use their people, communication, and networking skills, as well as to build on these skills if they do not have much experience with it. Our Youth Community Partnership Builders go out into New Hope-Solebury and connect with local businesses and organizations to create a relationship for fundraising, donations, combined events, and campaign partnerships. 


NHSC is looking to partner on events, fundraisers, activities, and wellness campaigns with local organizations/clubs/activities. If you are a New Hope-Solebury youth and you have an idea for how NHSC can connect and work with an organization, club, or activity that you are involved with, reach out to us and make a suggestion. 

Do you have an idea of how to benefit the community or youth and want nhsc to be involved?

We are constantly looking for new ways to benefit our community and youth. If you are a middle or high school aged youth and have an idea for something that NHSC can do for the community, that you would like to partner with us on, lead, or just see happen, reach out to us with your idea. 




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