Community Stories to Fuel Change


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"When you tell a story to a friend, you can transfer experiences directly to their brain."

~ Joshua Gowin, PhD


Prevention, addiction, recovery - these are words that everyone knows but may not be able to imagine, picture or relate to. We are searching for people who want to share their personal experiences and stories; either their own, a friends' or a family member's.

By sharing your story, you can make a positive impact on our community. Stories provide a real context from which people can learn and a human connection that we all need and seek. Sharing stories can be therapeutic for the storyteller and those they are sharing with. Stories can help increase awareness and reduce the stigma that is often tied to some of the most difficult challenges we face as a society.

Stories can be told in many different ways: 

  • Prose / poetry

  • Video

  • Song lyrics

  • Drawings

  • Photos

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